Friday, October 21, 2011

Morning Chat

Everyone has that time in between the time they actually show up for work and the time they start working. Anne and I have discovered a way to make people leave us the hell alone. See when you chat online you are pounding away (that's what she said) on the keyboard. Therefore, co-workers believe you are working hard on a project when in reality you are plotting a way to fake sick, or maybe even fake your own death just so you can go home. Below is an example of how Anne and I start our day.

8:33 AM Anne: i got my invite
 me: yey
 Anne: i know
  pablo rubbed it on his cheek
  he goes "what kinda paper is this?"
 me: I love him
 Anne: I was like BABY SHOWER PAPER its made from babies
  he goes 'Oh
8:34 AM me: duh
  thats why its so soft
 Anne: you know
  how are you?
 me: im ok
  sleepy, really sleepy
  and ready to be on maternity leave
8:35 AM i am nesting
  at work and at home
  i cleaned bottles last night
 Anne: thats so fun
 me: i know!
 Anne: nesting
  you wanna come to my house and nest?
  its dirty
  would that work ?
  ok no
 me: no
 Anne: no
 me: no
8:36 AM Anne: no nuh uh
  did you hear about dda
 me: NO
  what happened
 me: WHAT
 me: im calling him right now
 me: shut up
  are you liing?
  b/c i am calling
  its ringing
 Anne: no i'm not
8:37 AM he was like "can you take out my phone and grab a pic sherriff so i can post this to Facebook?'
8:39 AM me: OMG that is so funny
  i just talked to him
  i said "why did you kill a goose"
 Anne: isn't that so funny
 me: he said b/c it pooped
 Anne: and it attacked a lady in his office area and she fell and broke her ankle
8:41 AM me: oh he told me he was tired of it pooping
8:42 AM that is just great
 Anne: ya that too i think
 me: i am lauging really hard
  only dad
  man i love him
  did he go to jail?
 Anne: no
 me: goose killa
  thats his new name
8:43 AM Anne: that sherrif read him his rights only because he said he was telling him too much lol
  goose kille
 me: what can't you and Kylee wait for?
 Anne: we're going to belize
  to go diving
8:44 AM april 20
8:45 AM me: OMG
  i wanna go
 Anne: you can totally come
 me: thats unbelizeable
8:46 AM Anne: LOL
 me: no i really can't come i am not allowed to travle
  im too pregnant
 Anne: ya
  you are kinda bouyant
 me: it would be hard to dive
  my butt would stay afloat
 Anne: ya we'd have to put weights on you
8:47 AM me: ya
 Anne: and that would feel too much like a criminal act
 me: ok maybe next time
 Anne: ya

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