Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Going, going, back, back to Tally, Tally

So I am from Tallahassee, Florida. About 4 months ago my husband got a kick ass a job about 6 hours south of Tallahassee. This past weekend we decided to take a trip up there to see family and what not. We left late Friday evening and were only going to stay there through Sunday afternoon. However, I feel like we packed enough to be gone for a month. I swear kids need more crap when it comes to traveling. Anyway, so as we are driving Dathan (that's my hubby) asks me "Did you bring shoes?" He is glaring at my flip-flops as if I were wearing nothing on my feet. (Who forgets shoes btw) So I said "Ya, I brought my brown flip-flops and my black flip-flops" He flips out! Not even kidding. He is all "You only brought flip-flops!" Excuse me for not bringing my ruby slippers, stripper heels and running shoes. I figured a trip lasting 48 hours would not require such attire! Here is the best part he goes "I brought my black shoes, my tennis shoes, my flip flops and my other black shoes!" Then I realize OMG did I marry a woman? This guy brought more shoes than me!

Our trip continues and we are about an hour away from Tallahassee. We are traveling through a little po' dunk town called Madison, FL. All of the sudden Dathan sighs and says "Aww, Madison. Hey this is where I touched my first boob! It was in the back of a church van"
CHEESE AND RICE 2nd base in the back of a church van? These madison kids are hard core.

The weekend in Tally was fun. I got to see my sisters and hang out with family. The right home wasn't as interesting. The highlight of it all was the all you can eat pancakes at IHOP. 

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