Friday, October 21, 2011

Hiding In a Mansion

I can't think of a good intro for this chat. It took place after Osama Bin Laden was killed, and the news was reporting that he was 'Hiding in a Mansion'....

 Alexis: I know

9:35 AM a mansion "They'll never find me here, I am going to tweet about it"
  (I said that w/ my derka derka voice)
  which btw sounds a lot like the count from seasme street
9:37 AM Anne: I picture him with his hands out weighing his options on a scale "cave...mansion....cave....mansion....cave....mansion"
9:39 AM Alexis: then his go-to guy being like "I don't like the cave, its too cold and there is no cable. And I want to watch the balchlor"
9:40 AM Anne: and then his wife is like "and I miss my mattress" and he's all "SHUT UP about the damn memory foam"
9:41 AM Alexis: hahahahaa
  and she is like "FINE you go to cave, I am going to the mansion!"
9:42 AM Anne: "and go-to guy glares at Osama like 'SHE ALWAYS GETS HER WAY I want to go with her what a bitch"
9:43 AM meanwhile Osama is like 'but look guys we have all these cave ammenities like bats and trickling water noises"

9:48 AM Alexis: And go-to guy is like "The trickling water makes me have to pee all the time! And I want to pee in your golden toilet!"
9:51 AM Anne: and Osama's all "ya I miss my golden toilette. Do yall remember when butler man cooked us all fried chicken every Sunday? Man that was good. Maybe yall are right we should go head on back. stupid bats. Can I take this one (pointing to a baby bat with a floppy ear)
9:52 AM Alexis: and then he says "And I don't want to miss that show Sister Wives, I can really relate to them. I'm taking this bat isn't he adorable?
 Anne: you just ended scene?
9:53 AM really?
  I've been over here putting myself in cave vs. mansion mode really trying to collaborate
  and generate some good stuff
  and now i have my mmm (monday morning meeting)
9:54 AM Alexis: I hate your MMM
 Anne: I'm thinking will ferrell would be a good bat taker
 Alexis: it always interrupts my morning
 Anne: ME TOO!
  is it wrong that the minute I found out last night I was FLOODED with SNL skits
9:55 AM Alexis: no.
  Dad texted me this morning and was like TURN ON CNN
  and I was like I dont have cable
 Anne: i mean the whole 'found him in a mansion' thing just sent me off the deep end
 Alexis: oh I wonder if he was shooting a rap video

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